As an interested MLM networker, I have stumbled upon the Evolv Health lawsuit involving Evolv and the MD Anderson Cancer Center or MDACC. It is very important to be updated with the recent developments of the lawsuit since as an online marketer you need to ensure that the company you are promoting is legitimate and credible enough.


Evolve Health Lawsuit – The Case

I have found several blog entries about the lawsuit, and it was revealed that apparently, MDACC sued Evolv because of “illegal” use of their name and implied endorsement. The suing party claims that they don’t have any involvement with the company, the product – Evolv water, and any kind of endorsement.  The suing party demands an injunction and indemnity for alleged violations of trademark rights. Another blog posted a comprehensive discussion of the lawsuit including some doubts about the results of the tests conducted to prove the health benefits of the Evolv water.


Evolv’s Reply – The Message From Billionaire Trey White

Evolv replied that their manufacturing partner engaged MDACC to conduct tests to measure anti-inflammatory benefits and also contracted Futureceuticals to measure the water’s “oxygen utilization.” According to Evolv’s official blog site, the studies returned with positive results that engaged in the company’s interest in performing more studies and building a plan to introduce the product.

I have read news articles about the introduction of the product. I was fascinated with the Archae Active formula present in the product because it was claimed to be natural spring water with health benefits tested from world renowned research centers. Evolv asserted that both research facilities have positive data that supported their plan to market the product.

I recommend reading the comments of Trey White, the founder and chairman of Evolv board. The blog entry was indeed worth reading, and it is important to gain objective knowledge of the lawsuit.


The Effect Of The Lawsuit On The MLM Industry

As an MLM networker, I highly regard Evolv as a profitable company for network marketing business prospects. However, because of the lawsuit, the whole business niche suffered because consumers think that marketers exaggerate the features of the products they promote. I think the only way to change this unfair perception is to take responsibility. For MLM companies, it is very important that they make sure that their claims are true, and for the marketers, not to add too much hype into the products. Although the primary goal of MLM is to earn money through online marketing, it is beyond profit to take the role of bringing products that are beneficial to humanity.


Evolv Health Lawsuit – A Result Of Misstatement?

Evolv Health ReviewIn the official blog site of Evolv, Trey White commented that they launched the product and has made it clear that the testing facilities do not issue official recommendations.

I think the problem here is that Evolv made such a big deal on the result from MDACC and was interpreted by media, networkers, and clients as “recommendation.” This is an important learning for all of us. Be clear on what you say, or else it could result to a million dollar case like the Evolv Health Lawsuit.